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How long does it take until I receive my Order?

We can only offer the prices we have because of our long shipping times, shipping can take 2-4 weeks, you will always receive an order tracking number and can see where your package is at all times. Send us an email [email protected] if something is unclear.

Wrong email address used during checkout?

Contact [email protected] to change the email address of your account associated with the order so you can keep receiving updates regarding your order.

Order arrived separately / Multiple Orders?

Don't worry, all your orders will arrive, sometimes they will be shipped separate and sometimes together if you ordered more, it just depends how efficient and fast we can package it.

Changes to the Order?

In case there are changes to the order, for example there is no more available, we will notify you and refund the money if we cannot ship the items.

Payment Methods?

We accept PayPal
We accept Mastercard (debit/credit)
We accept VISA (debit/credit)
& If you would like to send the money via bank transfer, please email us at [email protected] and we will verify if it is possible for your country.

Got more questions?

Send them to us [email protected] - we will keep updating this FAQ Page.